Brick by Brick…. and so we build a dream.

The thing about blogs is this. When you begin one, you desire to create a neurone-enhancing piece of work that will really connect and resonate with your readers. You want to leave them impassioned, informed, enthralled or drawing from any one of the gallery of emotions that a good piece of thoughtful writing can provoke. That is your honest desire. So you get going… and like anything at the start, you have a purposeful momentum behind your intention. It is fast and furious creative expression….coming through YOU. You want to write EVERY day… and your full of great ideas you can hardly translate quick enough from thoughts into a solid stream of words. Your next conscious thought is … why didn't I do this earlier?! This is SO fulfilling and creative. I'm connecting.. I'm breathing life into my ideas… they're leaving my head and entering a virtual world and starting up conversations and dialogue with others. 

You are on a HIGH. On Fire. On a creative roll.

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Need a bit of courage? Here you go.

This is one my favourite TED Talks of all time. It’s by American scholar, Author and Research Professor Brene Brown. It obviously hit a nerve the world over, because 14 million-plus hits indicates that a lot of people embraced the message.

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